Official Records Reports 1 - 19 Part 9 of 19

The Official Records pertaining to the Battle of Mill Springs, KY, January 19, 1862

Including: Letters, Photographs and other significant documents

Compiled by COL Jerry McFarland, William Neikirk, David Gilbert and The Mill Springs Battlefield Association



No. 1.-Brig. Gen. Don Carlos Buell, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the Ohio, with instructions to Cross-Roads, Brigadier-General Thomas, and congratulatory orders.

No. 2.-Brig. Gen. George H. Thomas, U. S. Army, commanding division, with congratulatory orders.

No. 3.-Col. Mahlon D. Manson, Tenth Indiana Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 4.-Col. Speed S. Fry, Fourth Kentucky Infantry. <ar7_76>

No. 5-Col. John M. Harlan, Tenth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 6.-Lieut. Col. William C. Kise, Tenth Indiana Infantry.

No. 7.-Col. Robert L. McCook, Ninth Ohio Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

No. 8.-Col. Horatio P. Van Cleve, Second Minnesota Infantry.

No. 9.-Lieut. George H. Harries, Adjutant Ninth Ohio Infantry.

No. 10.-Col. Samuel P. Carter, commanding Twelfth Brigade.

No. 11.-Col. William A. Hoskins, Twelfth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 12.-Col. Frank Wolford, First Kentucky Cavalry.

No. 13.-Capt. Wiliram E. Standart, Battery B, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 14.-Capt. Dennis Kenny, Jr., Battery C, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 15.-Congratulatory order from the President.

No. 16.-Gen. A. Sidney Johnston, C. S. Army, commanding the Western Department.

No. 17.-Maj. Gen. George B. Crittenden, C. S. Army, commanding division.

No. 18.-Brig. Gen. William H. Carroll, C. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 19.-Maj. Horace Rice, Twenty-ninth Tennessee Infantry (Confederate).




Pulaski County, Ky., January 22, 1862

Col. ROBERT L. McCOOK, Ninth Ohio, Comdg. Third Brig., First Div., Dept. of the Ohio


.....SIR:  The bugle called the Ninth Regiment Ohio Volunteers together on the merging of the 19th instant about 7 o'clock.  Led by Acting Lieutenant-Colonel Kammerling, the regiment was marched out of camp to <ar7_96> meet the enemy, who was reported approaching against us on the road leading them [from] the Cumberland River to Logan's farm.  The regiment proceeded in line of battle to the scene of action, about a mile and a half from the camp.  At a point this side of the thick woods separating the enemy from us Company K was ordered to take position on the side road, and to skirmish the bush, for the purpose of protecting us against any flank attack.  The remaining eight companies (Company G was on guard on the other side of our camp, and was left there) proceeded in quick step through the woods to the place of battle, and no sooner had they reached the edge of the woods when they were ordered to attack the enemy.  The latter was posted in force on the edge of and in the woods opposite us, and was separated from us by two open corn fields, both of which were fenced.  Our left wing touched the main road leading to the Cumberland, and was separated by the same from the right wing of the Second Minnesota Regiment.

.....With loud hurrahs our boys, most gallantly led by Kammerling, advanced upon the enemy, extending themselves all over the first of said two corn fields, and taking stand along and below the fence.  Brisk and heavy firing at once began from both sides and continued for about half an hour.  At last companies A, B, C, and D, from our right wing, made a flank movement by left wheel, and after opening a lively fire against the enemy's left wing they, together with the remaining companies, made a bayonet charge, driving the enemy from his position with loud shouts.  The enemy immediately fled precipitately, leaving their dead and wounded, and their knapsacks, blankets, provisions, etc., when our men hastily pursued and made a large number of prisoners.

.....Company K, detached as stated above, had been ordered to join the main body but failing to find it, fell in with the Second Minnesota and participated in the action of the left wing of said regiment.

.....The strength of our regiment during this action was 3 staff officers, 1 staff bugler, 21 company and 93 non-commissioned officers, 505 privates, and 8 buglers.


GEO. H. HARRIES, Adjutant Ninth Regiment Ohio Volunteers




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