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Official Records Reports 1 - 19 Part 13 of 19

The Official Records pertaining to the Battle of Mill Springs, KY, January 19, 1862

Including: Letters, Photographs and other significant documents

Compiled by COL Jerry McFarland, William Neikirk, David Gilbert and The Mill Springs Battlefield Association



No. 1.-Brig. Gen. Don Carlos Buell, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the Ohio, with instructions to Cross-Roads, Brigadier-General Thomas, and congratulatory orders.

No. 2.-Brig. Gen. George H. Thomas, U. S. Army, commanding division, with congratulatory orders.

No. 3.-Col. Mahlon D. Manson, Tenth Indiana Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 4.-Col. Speed S. Fry, Fourth Kentucky Infantry. <ar7_76>

No. 5-Col. John M. Harlan, Tenth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 6.-Lieut. Col. William C. Kise, Tenth Indiana Infantry.

No. 7.-Col. Robert L. McCook, Ninth Ohio Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

No. 8.-Col. Horatio P. Van Cleve, Second Minnesota Infantry.

No. 9.-Lieut. George H. Harries, Adjutant Ninth Ohio Infantry.

No. 10.-Col. Samuel P. Carter, commanding Twelfth Brigade.

No. 11.-Col. William A. Hoskins, Twelfth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 12.-Col. Frank Wolford, First Kentucky Cavalry.

No. 13.-Capt. Wiliram E. Standart, Battery B, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 14.-Capt. Dennis Kenny, Jr., Battery C, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 15.-Congratulatory order from the President.

No. 16.-Gen. A. Sidney Johnston, C. S. Army, commanding the Western Department.

No. 17.-Maj. Gen. George B. Crittenden, C. S. Army, commanding division.

No. 18.-Brig. Gen. William H. Carroll, C. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 19.-Maj. Horace Rice, Twenty-ninth Tennessee Infantry (Confederate).



Somerset, January 26, 1862

Brigadier-General THOMAS


.....SIR:  On the morning of the 19th at 7 a.m. heard pickets firing in the advance of the Tenth Indiana camp.  My horses being in harness, ordered one section, under charge of Lieutenant Bennett, on the road by the Tenth Indiana camp.  Moved two sections through the fields.  Advanced into the woods.  Not finding position, took position between the fields and woods.  At this time, finding a by-road on our right, went with the left section on the road, when I was ordered out by Colonel Manson.  Lieutenant Bennett at this time was compelled to fall back.  At this time got my battery together.  Got position on ridge.  Fired some 20 shell over the woods.  The enemy falling back, moved my battery forward and fired at such parties as could be seen.  Moved to within three-quarters of a mile of the fortification, having position on a hill.  Shelled the intrenchements until dark.  Remained in our position until daylight.  Monday, the 20th, advanced with the column through the intrenchments.  shelled the camps over the river.  (Extended 213 Hotchkiss shell and 11 spherical case).  No casualties to report.


Yours, very respectfully,

W. E. STANDART, Captain Company B, First Regt. Light Artillery, Ohio Vols.